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About the company

We are a one-stop training and consulting firm that provides services aimed at the Business Communities, Government and its Agencies, Private Sectors, and Private individuals. We formed long-term partnerships and developed strategies that serve our client’s needs.
Our mandate is to help our clients to succeed, we do this by providing value-added services that make a difference in our client’s businesses, and organisations.

We support leaders and aspiring leaders in all the areas of our acknowledgement management spectrum, which include but are not limited to Strategic Development, Business Consulting, Management and Leadership Training, Communications Services, and Personal Development. We help companies and organisations to succeed and help individual clients to reach their full potential through our series of training courses and personal development programmes. Our extensive range of services provides a competitive advantage and service excellence for our clients.

We are the preferred option for training and consulting partners for corporate entities, Government Organisations, Company executives and private individuals. Over the years, our company has been an established and reliable collaborator in the pursuit of increased productivity. Clear Corporation provides training that keeps up with the modern world’s
ever-changing and fast-paced business needs.

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At Clear Corporation We can help to:

Analyse your current training program to identify and determine what is needed to speed time to competency and influence learner’s behaviour.
Consult with your team to identify gaps between learner behaviour and expected results.
Use human-centered design to engage your learners and hit your business goals.
Find the right technology to align your learning experience with your business strategy.
Contact us today to discuss your Leadership, Business, and Management Development Strategy.

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Clear Corporation is a top-tier training and consulting firm that provides unmatched services aimed at businesses, government agencies,