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Clear Corporation did it again! I am proud to have attended the 2 seminars which are uplifting and motivating to see how Africa is progressing in the right direction. Clear Corporation has set a very high level of proficiency in the matter of developing our motherland, the presentation with some eminent professional expert in Leadership at the seminar were amazing and allowed the audience to interact and share views for a positive evolution of ideas. The audience was a melting pot of different background from student to senior position in different size organisations representing all social economical background playing their part in the movement. The seminar ended with an evening of celebration, the new generation with designer, singers and awards of achievement for Nigerian dignitaries, as well as an excellent way to network with people..
Strategy Manager/Consultant
I really enjoyed the session and the audience certainly helped make it work ... particularly the lively discussion! I look forward to continuing to work together with you. All good wishes
Professor Bruce Lloyd
London South Bank University
You put on a fantastic two day event last week the best Deborah and I have been to, I am so proud of you and what you have accomplished. This is a new era for us all coming together at such a prestigious event that Clear Corporation created, both Deborah and I will definitely be keeping in touch with yourself and the organisation and believe me over the past 2 days have made some really good contacts who have followed up what they have promised. We thank you all so much from the bottom of hearts and if you need anything call or email me.
Kennedy Waya
Specialist in Effective Community Engagement
What can I say...... When Kennedy told me about you, your work and our invitation to your conference I was suitably impressed and looked forward to both the event and meeting you but no body could of prepared me for what unfolded over the last couple of days. Firstly may I congratulate you on two well organised, highly professional, informative and enjoyable events... if I start recalling in detail what specifically was so impressive I fear this email will never end!!!! As a guest I was able to hear and share in some of the comments being made about Clear Corporation and its Staff Team needless to say everyone was blown away by the way your Team were able to fuse a wide range of skill sets across a wide platform of demand in such a dynamic and hospitable manner. Clear Corporation’s ethos and agenda has had both a personal and professional impact on me, it seems almost paradoxical, over the years I have received numerous awards and recognition for my work in Partner -shipping with the Government in effecting change within the Education sector specifically the hard to reach and NEET populations (not in Education Employment and Training) both Kennedy and I are noted through our extensive work at DCSF(Department for Children Schools and Families) level for our Grass roots approach at empowering through knowledge and practical support individuals, families and communities to engage with the dialogue around issues that impact their communities and to proactively participate in sourcing and agreeing solutions along with Challenging Government and Senior policy makers to allow innovation and business to contribute and where necessary lead in piloting the way for change.... that now having listened and heard that those very skill sets are what the African Nations are declaring that they require to help support bringing about sustainable change and real opportunities for communities is quite breathtaking. I certainly hope Clear Corporations can guide Kennedy and I to explore pathways that will enable us to pool our wealth of knowledge and experience in this sector to the benefit of the African communities. Both Kennedy and I feel that our organisation can also support your vision and objectives and would love to seek ways of exploring that together. Congratulations to you and all the Team at Clear Corporation.
Deborah Smith
Strategic, Operational, and Delivery of Education Solutions
Many thanks for the dinner and entertainment, which I enjoyed. The MC was very good and so was the choice of venue etc. Keep up the good work.
Matthew Rugamba
Research Analyst